About Us

Our mission is to partner with dealerships to provide the ultimate sales experience, foster growth and community recognition by providing energetic high impact events, promotions and training while minimizing risk, building customer loyalty and driving bottom line results.

By utilizing compelling direct mail campaigns, we drive people directly to your showroom floor. All In Events helps you establish rapport within the community so you can build long-lasting relationships. We help you turn gift seekers into shoppers and shoppers into buyers. Our comprehensive training and support provide your sales people with the tools they need to maximize profit at the events we host and long after we’re gone.

Our experienced sales managers and salespeople will shift your dealership into gear. All In Events works as a team with your salespeople to reach a common goal. By holding ourselves to a higher standard, we provide dealerships with the tools they need to drive exceptional bottom-line results.

Meet the Team

Jonathan Rahill, President
Lavar Fairfax, President
Clayton Mardis, Vice President of Operations
Ashley Rahill, Customer Service Manager
Olive Fairfax, Customer Service Manager

Our Process

We take the time to become familiar with your situation and utilize a systematic approach to reach your goals. All In Events determines which mail campaigns are going to be the most effective in your community and track the campaigns from beginning to end. We show you the numbers throughout the entire process, so you can see the return on investment.

Whether your event is in your showroom or at an off-site location, we bring the energy and the direct mail campaigns bring the people. We provide the ultimate automotive buying experience and show your team how to continue to maximize profit.

Every customer that closes a deal with All In Events, is assigned a customer service representative from our team who will ensure their complete satisfaction. The relationships with our clients and customers are long-lasting and we continue to remain available long after the events are over.