Providing fully staffed events to your dealership that yield a high return on investment

From more traffic, to more cars sold, to more gross profit

All In Events generates effective mail campaigns that guarantee large turnouts for your events. Our events bring hundreds of people together, gathered around tables, and in a hurry to get the best deal. Most dealerships and their employees have not had the experience of assisting the amount of people that we can bring into your event. This is why All In Events can provide you with a fully staffed event that drives results.

When our staff is at the dealership, we work alongside your salespeople to maximize profit. We provide valuable training and industry knowledge that will uniquely position your salespeople for success. The key to the whole process is providing customers with the ultimate automotive buying experience so that we can establish long-lasting relationships.

When our staff is at an offsite event, we provide the tents, table linens, and decor to set the scene for the large crowd that is going to show. We keep track of every person who shows at these events and follow up with them to establish relationships between the dealership and the community.

The staff at your events assures your salespeople that they are on the same side and working towards a common goal. At our events, your salespeople and our salespeople become one successful team!