Results from Micco Florida 43 Units Sold – $312,000    |    Results from West Palm Beach 105 Units Sold – $649,000    |    Results from Fayetteville, NC – 99 Units Sold – $514,825.00   |    Results from Titusville, FL – 65 Units – $357,582.00   |    Results from Clearwater, Florida – 59 Units – $319,780.00    |    Results from Stone Mountain, GA – 75 Units – $363,750.00    |    Results from Lumberton, NC – 55 Units – $306,127.00    |     Results from Venice, FL – 56 units for 299,827    |    Results from Citrus Park,FL – 65 units for $387,210    |     Results from Vicksburg,MS – 46 units for $256,711    |     Results from Griffin, GA – 51 units for $277,540    |     Results from Cape Coral, FL – 69 units for $380,135    |     Results from Jacksonville, FL – 60 units for $311,652
Mail Campaigns 2018-05-25T14:19:17-04:00

Compelling direct mail campaigns

Drive people to your showroom floor!

All In Events focuses primarily on effective direct mail campaigns that bring hundreds of people to your events. With over 100 different mail pieces to choose from, we are able to grab the community’s attention and make sure they are at YOUR event.

All In Events takes every measure to maximize profit for your dealership. Our inbound and outbound call centers track every person who calls and they make appointments optimizing the effectiveness of the campaigns. If they do not show to their appointments, we follow-up.

All about the numbers

Our Smart Direct Mail Campaigns average a 1% response rate. This means when we send 75,000 pieces of direct mail, 750 ups show at your dealership, we close 8% of our total up count which yields over 60 vehicles sold. These numbers are transparent throughout the entire process so we can deliver our dealers exceptional bottom line results.

All In Events is so confident in their services; so much that we provide a Zero Up Front risk to your dealership, No money, No advertising costs, just a commitment to facilitate an event so we can show you what we do, how we do it, deliver our services and build a solid long term profitable relationship.

See Sample Mailers Below